Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Der Ehrenkodex

As you know, the honor code plays a significant role in the overall success of the program. Without going into details, the honor code helps you to make the most of your participation, build trust between us as a group and our host families, and also create a safe and comfortable environment. By now you should be more than familiar with the honor code (i.e. website, orientation, you signed it); however, we created a simple German version that we will use and refer when on location (we can only speak German). Please review the code below and clarfiy any unknow words since you will be held accountable. For your parents, who don’t speak German, and we also include the direct translation. You will see, we tried to simplify the wording without losing the meaning of the honor code.

On Tuesday afternoon, we will hold a special ceremony to celebrate the honor code. Each student and instructor will sign the German honor code demonstrating that he/she fully understands and complies by it.

As a reminder, you are required to speak German the moment our plane touches down in Düsseldorf (but you can start earlier if you want). You will be able to speak English again once the plane lifts off at the end of the program AND when visiting schools in Germany. In the past, English teachers have asked to have native speakers contribute in English classes. ;-)

Der Ehrenkodex – Krefeld 2010 “einfache Version”

  1. Wir sind in Deutschland um unser Deutsch zu verbessern.
  2. Wir kommunizieren nur auf Deutsch!
  3. Wir sind mit allen gut befreundet und helfen uns, aber wir suchen keinen festen Partner!
  4. Wir sind gesund. Wir trinken keinen Alkohol und rauchen nicht.
  5. Wir denken nach, bevor wir etwas machen und wir fragen um Erlaubnis!
  6. Wir sind zuverlässig, - in der Schule und in der Freizeit!
  7. Wir respektieren unsere Gastfamilie!
  8. Wir verreisen nur mit der Gastfamilie oder mit der Gruppe und nie allein!
  9. Wir sind fleißig und folgen dem Ehrenkodex.
  10. Nach dem Programm werde ich ein Deutschfan in der Schule sein, denn Deutsch ist am besten!

Honor Code – Krefeld 2010: (english version for parents)

  1. We are in Germany to improve our German.
  2. We communicate in German only!
  3. We are good friends with everybody and we help each other but we are not looking for a partner!
  4. We are healthy. We don’t drink alcohol and we don’t smoke!
  5. We think before we do something and we ask for permission!
  6. We are reliable – in school and during free time!
  7. We respect our host family!
  8. We travel only with our host family or with the group and never alone!
  9. We are hard-working and follow the Honors Code.
  10. We will be a fan of German after the program because German is the best!

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