Friday, June 4, 2010

Der Döner!

One of the most popular foods you will find in Germany is “ein Döner”. This delicious and addictive meal can be bought for a few Euros in almost every city in Germany. Although based on Turkish cuisine, the “Döner” as we know it today was create by Turkish immigrants in Germany.

Traditional döner is made from milk-fed lamb but a healthier alternative—tavuk (chicken) döner—is popular as well. Today it's not unusual to see twin döners, lamb and chicken, sizzling side by side. For all the vegetarians among us, don’t worry, there are alternatives available that are equally delicious. In addition to a choice of meats, one can also select various ingredients ranging from yoghurt, red & white cabbage, cucumber, feta cheese, and much more.

To honor this delicious food, the IU Honors Program has established the “Dönertag”. Every Thursday (or Donnerstag – get it?) during lunch, we go and visit the local Dönershop around the corner. Although everyone has to pay for his or her own lunch that day, it has been extremely popular – some students even ate Döner everyday (not recommended).

Check out the video by Wazzy Bourdain.

For other popular ‘fast-foods’ - in addition to the ones you know (e.g., McDonald) - check out “Currywurst mit Pommes”…

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