Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Was sollen wir machen?"

When in Krefeld, you probably will hear and ask the question “Was sollen wir machen?” very frequently. Although we will have organized activities (i.e. sports, theater, choir, etc.) and trips (i.e. Aachen, Berlin, Köln), there will be plenty of time for you to explore Germany and German culture outside of these. So, what to do during your spare time? Being unfamiliar with the environment and not exactly knowing where things are can be a challenge to get the most of this program. (Please don’t say “Das ist mir egal” – it can be interpreted negatively!)

First of all, you and your friends are highly encouraged to explore Krefeld. Don’t forget that you have some time after classes and activities before dinner. As long as you and your host family have not made different plans, you have some time to spare and fully immerse yourself in the culture. Popular activities in the past have been shopping, eating ice cream, biking, hiking, visiting museums, or just getting together with other students and Germans. In addition, this year we will have the soccer World Cup and there will be several events going on as well. Get ready for ‘public viewing’!!!!

Feel free to speak to us about any suggestions since we have been in Krefeld before and know popular places.

A couple tips;
  • Do as the locals do – to fully understand another culture, there is nothing better to participate in the daily lives
  • Help with shores –you will be surprised how much you will learn be going grocery shopping, doing the laundry, etc. And your hosts will appreciate it...
  • Communicate your plans with your host family – they might have made special plans just for you (and made arrangement)! If you run late, let them know. Last year, the majority of students received a local cell phone – make sure you know how it works and who to call.

Click here for a calendar for events in Krefeld (there is more!).

We will post more about suggestions for day trips…

Bis bald,

Das Krefeld 2010 - Team

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