Monday, May 24, 2010

Noch zwei Wochen...

Hallo Krefelder,

With exactly two weeks to our departure, we want to start using the blog ( to share information about our upcoming trip. We will cover topics ranging from our trip (e.g., latest weather developments, events happening at our destinations), to useful tips & tricks (e.g., traveling, making friends) and fun facts about Germany and the US. So, keep on coming back…

Feel free to comment; however, please remember that this is a public space (so send any individual questions you might have to the IU Honors Program).

Bis bald,

Das Krefeld 2010 – Team

Today, we start with a little history… You might wonder why, of all places, we are going to Krefeld. Actually the city played a significant role in US – German relations:

German immigration in the New World began on an organized basis in 1683 when 33 German from Krefeld arrived in Philadelphia on the ship Concord. They were looking for religious and political freedom and came to Philadelphia through the auspices of William Penn and a German named Franz Daniel Pastorius. The settles called the community they built Germantown which in 1854 became a part of Philadelphia. Seven million German emigrants have come to the USA. Between 1820 and 1920 alone, more than six million German immigrants arrived many of them farmers and artisans. If you have German ancestry, there is a good chance that members of your family emigrated during that time.

Do you know your ancestry?

More info at here.


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